I am wandering where I can watch full episodes of Kick buttowski all of the full episodes Please someone get back to me. :) 

LOL Grumpy Cat no more :D


More funny memes

Something to make you laugh :D

Hey sup peeps

Yeah had a boring day today bought Libby (ferret) new jingle balls for her to play with but ends up stealing all of them under my dresser LOL won’t see them for awhile. Watched 2 movies today one right after the other Grown ups 2 and Monsters University both alright movies something to watch anyways cause nothing is really on tv anymore. Can’t wait for tomorrow Teen Titans Go No Power.






Here is some pics that are kinda my favorite some I found on Bing and some on Deviantart but give credit to them for doing a great job.



  • I watched the new Teen Titans Go it was alright but I liked gizmo in this one and Kitten I didn't think she would steal a bank but do something more like with the moths. But the show makes everyone cute rather than than the original but a couple of characters where cute though lol
  • I loved the matched and Colors of Raven. Starliar would be the 3rd, the artful dodgers 4th, Terra-ized 5th, Girls night out 6th,
  • Favorite Characters
  • 1. Beast Boy
  • 2. Raven
  • 3. Starfire
  • 4. Gizmo
  • 5. Jinx
  • 6. Terra
  • 7. See-more (even though he don't talk yet in the show)
  • 8. Speedy
  • 9. Mas y Menos

komandr asked: what are your favourite and least favourite episodes of teen titans and teen titans go?

Well I did put my favorite episodes on both of the shows so the ones I didn’t list I don’t care for but on Teen Titans I don’t like the Mad Mod ones Teen titans go however I didn’t like the gorilla episode it was kinda lame and I liked the others ones so I kinda like them all except that one :) here are my favortes for both shows

What is your favorite Teen Titans or Teen Titans go! episodes

Teen Titans

 Final Exam, Forces of Nature, Nevermore,     Switched, Terra, Fear Itself, Titan Rising, Winner Take All, Betrayal, Aftershock - Part 1, Aftershock - Part 2, Deception, Crash,  Haunted, The End parts 1,2, and 3, Homecoming part 1 and 2, For Real, Kole , Hide and Seek, Lightspeed, Revved Up,      Go!, Calling All Titans!, Titans Together, Things Change,

Ten tItans Go

Pie Bros, Double Trouble, The Date, Laundry Day, Ghostboy , Hey Pizza!, Girl’s Night Out , Tower Power, Starliar, Terra-izzed, Artful Dodgers, Burger vs. Burrito, Mattched.

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