I just realized something.

They should totally make a game of Steven Universe like Despicable me on ipod or iphone and you have to run and collect things and do certain missions. Like one level where steven ran from Amethyst with the pancakes in the show. I think it would be awesome. I hope they do something like that cause it would be awesome. I have played Gem bound and love it.

Here is some cute Steven Universe Rounded Pics more to come :D

I am taking requests

I am going to make Circle Pictures so I am taking requests all you have to do is send me a pic and I will make it for you or I will make some on my own and put them on my page. Please don’t send any bad pictures :D

finished with SAO It was awesome now waiting on the second season can’t wait. I guess here is some pics :D


I am wandering where I can watch full episodes of Kick buttowski all of the full episodes Please someone get back to me. :) 

LOL Grumpy Cat no more :D


More funny memes

Something to make you laugh :D

Hey sup peeps

Yeah had a boring day today bought Libby (ferret) new jingle balls for her to play with but ends up stealing all of them under my dresser LOL won’t see them for awhile. Watched 2 movies today one right after the other Grown ups 2 and Monsters University both alright movies something to watch anyways cause nothing is really on tv anymore. Can’t wait for tomorrow Teen Titans Go No Power.